The most sustainable tokens in WEB3

Lack of Trust, Transparency and Traceability in the UCO Supply chain.

Used Cooking Oil market prices are higher than virgin oil due to RED II’s double counting policy. A high demand combined with limited supply is a challenge for BioFuels producers and also requires strong rules and regulations. Current rules and regulations lead to a nontransparent certification process for the sustainability of the used cooking oil.

As an example, bad actors can mix virgin oil to artificially increase used cooking oil production. Current certification, audit and sustainability systems are insufficient to prevent fraud. The technologies in use are limited and centralised, and can benefit greatly from Blockchain Technologies.


We bring value to your waste through blockchain technology

UCO Network is a public blockchain protocol that is deploying a suite of decentralised technologies that mitigate the risk of fraud and open new and exciting opportunities within the Advanced Biofuel and Web 3.0 Industries.

Our holders earn tokens from UCO transactions.

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A solution for everyone in the supply chain



With every single used cooking oil collection, the protocol mints a NFT that our customers use as proof of ownership and sustainability, while adding incremental market value to the resource that has been collected. UCO Network helps companies to comply with existing and future regulations, while giving access to a global used cooking oil marketplace, where Collector's can enhance their deals and business.


For Biofuel

There is a high demand combined with limited supply for used cooking oil globally. Biofuel Producers now have a solution that brings the trust, transparency and traceability needed to assure a continuous feedstock supply to produce sustainable Biofuels accessing the feedstock´s in the UCO Decentralised Marketplace.


For Entrepreneurs

UCO Network aims to establish strong partnerships with specialised software application vendors and customers with in-house developed solutions that will adopt the UCO Network Protocol. We focus on serving the global used cooking oil industry.


For Regulators

Regulators can use the UCO Network as a tool to help them to regulate the UCO market for a better grasp of movements within the industry and in order to better establish their place in the chain. Auditors, Certification Entities and Regulators now have tools that can facilitate the achievement of their mission goals.

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Facts that speak for themselves

Market size
by 2028
Estimate growth

Trust, Transparencyand Traceability

like never before.

UCO Network has created a compliant, reliable, and trustful way for Biofuel Producers and Waste Management & Collection companies operating their used cooking oil business.

We use the power of incentives to enable market access for millions of new participants – from businesses, to entrepreneurs, to developers, to households and individuals.



Waste Collection & Management Companies will collect the Used Cooking Oil at registered establishments such as hotels and restaurants. On-site the UCO is audited and certified by waste collectors as being 100% sustainable to avoid potential fraud in the supply chain.



After the UCO is collected and certified, an NFT is minted ensuring compliance with the RED II directive. It´s then stored in the WMC wallet, and it's ready to be traded.



UCO NFT´s can be traded at our UCO Network global marketplace with Trust, Transparency and guarantee of its sustainability.



Once the UCO has been delivered to a biofuel producer, the NFT is transferred to the Biofuel Production company wallet, who will then be able to prove its origin and sustainability.

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